Brian Zwerner’s Kensington Blake Capital entity begins investing with Prosper

Brian Zwerner, Managing Principal of Kensington Blake Capital, has launched a new investment initiative in the Peer-to-Peer lending area. P2P lending has seen explosive growth in the past three-years, as consumers have looked for alternatives to high cost credit card debt from large banks.

On a P2P lending platforms, a borrower completes a loan application that is verified by the administrator. A borrower is tentatively approved for a certain loan amount and a given rate, based on the lending platforms proprietary software. Loans are then posted to investors, such as Kensington Blake Capital, to be reviewed for suitability. Investors can choose to invest in small pieces of a loan or can take the entire loan themselves.
“P2P lending platforms offer strong yields with short tenors, which are hard to find in today’s tight bond market environment,” reports Brian Zwerner. “Kensington Blake Capital expects to earn a solid return given the risk of these loans.”

For further information on Prosper, please see the link below:

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