Brian Zwerner’s Kensington Blake Capital entity begins investing in small business loans with Funding Circle

Brian Zwerner, Managing Principal of Kensington Blake Capital, has launched a new investment initiative in the small business loans through the global leader Funding Circle. Funding Circle works with small businesses across the U.S. and the world to make loans of approximately $100,000 to fund their companies. The loans are typically 3 to 5 year fully amortizing loans with fixed rates of 12-20%. The loans are secured by the assets of the company and also carry a guarantee from the principals of the company.

Online lending platforms such as Funding Circle are stealing market share from traditional bank lenders. Funding Circle is the leading platform being offered to third party investors. Investors can participate in Funding Circle’s loans in three distinct ways. Investors can purchase the whole loan, they can purchase loans in a fractional note based form, and they can invest in an investment fund managed by Funding Circle.

“Online lending marketplaces like Funding Circle offer investors unique opportunities,” reports Brian Zwerner. “Kensington Blake Capital is excited to deploy capital at attractive levels in this new area with Funding Circle.”

For further information on Funding Circle, please see the link below:

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