Brian Zwerner of Kensington Blake Capital OnDeck Capital Presentation

January 1, 2016

Kensington Blake Capital’s Managing Principal Brian Zwerner serves as a Senior Advisor to Provider Web Capital, a leading finance provider for small businesses in the healthcare sector. Zwerner provides commentary on the recent investor presentation by OnDeck Capital, a leading small business lender.

OnDeck Capital recently presented to investors at the JP Morgan FinTech and Specialty Finance Forum in New York City. This forum brought together some of the biggest publicly traded names in the sector. Other presenters included Sallie Mae, Green Dot, and Penny Mac. Investors from all over the globe were present to hear about the progress these platforms have made stealing market share from the banks and growing their businesses.

OnDeck reported on the continued growth of their origination platform. They recorded growth in 2015 in both originations and revenues of nearly 70% over 2014. OnDeck has now funded $3 billion to over 45,000 small businesses. They see a tremendous opportunity for further growth, as there are over 28 million small businesses in the United States, and many of them are not well served by traditional bank lending models. OnDeck’s speed of origination and underwriting is one of the keys to their continued success, along with their wide range of distribution partnerships. OnDeck has partnered with banks such as Chase and Compass Bank, as well as small business service firms like Intuit and Angie’s List. Expectations are for OnDeck to continue to grow its leading position in the small business lending marketplace.

Brian Zwerner works as a Senior Advisor to Provider Web Capital, a high growth FinTech finance company. While OnDeck provides financing to all sectors of U.S. small businesses, Provider Web Capital has chosen to focus on offering best in class solutions for the healthcare marketplace. Provider Web works with doctors, mental health professionals, home healthcare agencies and many other medical small businesses. They offer financing structures from $10,000 to $250,000 or more to their clients, with a fast and free application process. Similar to OnDeck, clients of Provider Web can receive funds within one to two business days. However while OnDeck typically has clients repay their loans with a fixed daily payment, and customers of Provider Web usually make repayment over time based on receipt of funds from their third party payer sources such as Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies. This structure allows Provider Web to live by the mantra: “we get paid when you get paid”, a significant improvement of the daily fixed ACH structure offered by OnDeck and other competitors. Keep an eye on Provider Web Capital.

OnDeck Investor Presentation Link:

More information on Provider Web Capital:



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